How I can help.

I work with my clients to revitalize, overhaul and reinvent their businesses and organizations to create new customers and regain their edge. 

Every project and every business has a different circumstance. There is no-one-size-fits-all, but here is how the process often works.

We meet.

Discuss and review your situation, challenges, your goals, needs and potential solutions. 


Determine project, deliverables, resources, people, budget, timeframe, methodologies, phases. Commence.

Research, analyze, ideate.

Deep analysis, surveys, marketplace, brand, competitors, marketing + customer creation, culture, creative ideas and breakthroughs, best practices, strategies, design thinking, innovations.
Come back to you with visualizations & ROI.

Implement + execute.

Implement and execute as determined. Work with assigned project leader. Communicate progress. Revitalize, renew, create performance. Create growth.

Measure, analyze, adjust.

Review and analyze performance in all areas. Adjust as needed to optimize results.