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By Peter Ashworth | CMO | ashworth.one

The core function of marketing is to understand customers and the behaviors that drive their decisions, and to apply that knowledge to achieving the strategies and goals of the organization.

Marketing is the function with the highest potential to know the most about customers, and as a business with a purpose of serving its customers to create growth, it must do this better than its competitors.

Marketing, and specifically the CMO, has a primary role across the organization to ensure that all elements of the business are committed to delivering the best customer value possible, within the parameters of changing market conditions and profit-making.

The CMO must have a crystal-clear understanding of who the optimal buyer is, likely across multiple segments. If you don't know "every" want, need, preference, motivation, desire, and obstacle your customers face, then start today.

Marketing technology has equipped the CMO and marketing organizations with a mountain of evidence and data they need to support, or refute, their company's understanding of customer's needs and behaviors. Digital channels give marketers a mountain of daily data and a “clear understanding into why customers buy, what motivates them to buy, when they buy, and how they buy,”

It is also important for CMOs to understand that the brand and the experiences their customers have across every touchpoint of the organization are one and the same. They can no longer disassociate brand and customer experience, so the CMO must take clear leadership in defining what the brand promise across the company, and to define what the customer experience needs to be, to bring that promise to life. Storytelling is a major differentiator in strong brands.

Peter Ashworth is an experienced CMO, brand-builder, and growth executive inspired to positively impact the world. He has worked with many brands and industries to build effective strategies and connections to customers - to create growth. You can reach him at peter@ashworth.one

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