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Peter is a rare find. He is an extraordinarily talented strategic and creative thinker, brand-development leader. He identifies and distinguishes, then ingeniously engages and connects with target audiences, resulting in the achievement of business goals. His proficiency spans the complexities of C-level leadership, strategy, business development, technology and creative disciplines. His approach is brilliantly original, fresh thinking backed by time-honored research analysis and bottom line performance. Any organization fortunate to work with Peter will be thrilled with the brand-building, revenue-generating “domino effect” he stimulates.

Bob Newkirk  |  CEO


Peter delivered great results and it was a true pleasure working with him. He has wonderful vision, execution, and great follow-through.

Marko Barker  |  CEO


Peter is one of the most innovative and creative professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. He has an unerring capacity to develop new ideas, transform brands, and deliver breakthrough strategies across multiple platforms and channels. This, combined with broad business experience and an invaluable global perspective, brings high intrinsic value.

Liz St John  |  Author, Management Consultant


It was my distinct pleasure to work with Peter. Peter is the most creative person you could hope to work with. He was also the most encouraging of mentors. Peter excels at understanding a client and guiding them to the right decision in business strategy, brand strategy, design, marketing and implementation. He is also the best motivator I have ever worked for. I loved working with Peter!! 

Judy Johnson  |  Kingston Technology



Peter is an innovative and creative marketing professional. He leads his teams with vision and a can-do attitude and is inspiring to work with.

Neil Brooker  |  BMW Group DesignWorks


Peter is one dynamic, high energy, & talented individual. He is a very experienced business executive and leader, has a sharp, analytical mind to see through clutter and challenges to develop smart tactical strategies in complex situations. The need to organize, get things done, and innovate new ideas runs true to his DNA. Additionally he is also highly creative and an excellent marketer. He is a truly unique human being, excellent communicator, and has worked with and supported me for many years. Anyone who works with him will see immediate results. 

Steve Mattoon  | AXA Advisors


When I first met Peter I was immediately impressed with his energy and positive attitude, plus he looked like a rock star! But along with all that wonderful energy is an extremely thoughtful and driven business person. He is creative beyond a doubt but I love that he always delivered on time and gave GREAT value. He always added that extra little something that took his work from very good to exceptional. You will not regret working with Peter, I can't recommend him high enough. He is a great talent and a great person. Don't hesitate.

Chester Elton  |  Culture Consultant, Speaker & NY Times Best Selling Author


Peter's cutting-edge and creative approach to marketing and technology, paired with his broad knowledge of and experience in various business models, proved fundamental in boosting my team's market share and revenue stream. Peter is one of the most hard working people I know, a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him as a forward thinking and productive marketing technology and business consultant.

Stefan Rogers |  Voit Managing Partner


I had the good fortune of working with Peter on a rebranding and marketing initiative over the past 7 months. Peter is a tremendous marketing and creative resource. In fact, at times, his creativity is genius. Peter brings a first rate work ethic and a tireless passion to every discussion. I highly recommend Peter and his company's work and I like forward to partnering with him again on future innovative opportunities.

Ed Winkelmann  |  Southport Tek


Peter Ashworth is a creative mastermind. He has the ability to think big, and set-up the resources needed to get there. Peter communicates his broad visions clearly, and gains excitement from everyone he reaches. I recommend Peter wholeheartedly.

Francie Finn |  Sunrun Energy


I have found Peter to be highly creative in implementing his concepts and strategic ideas for my law firm. His experience in leading large organizations and creative energy in organizing concepts undoubtedly brought me the type of clients I would not have had access to otherwise. I recommend him without reservation. 

Rich Kelly  |  Attorney, Judge


Peter is an intelligent person, highly motivated to change the world. He is an out-of-the-box thinker, highly innovative, with a track record of strong leadership, the ability to determine and execute a clear vision, and the actual achievement of goals. Anyone who works with him will discover this in the first meeting with him.

Jarond Suman | Tranont Communications


Peter stands out as one of the most creative, data savvy business leaders I have ever been around/worked for. He has always made himself available professionally & more importantly as a trusted friend for over 15 years & I look forward to our work paths crossing again.

John Madera | DevilStar Beverages


I had the opportunity to work with Peter Ashworth when I worked for him at Brilliant Blue Marketing. Peter has an infectious enthusiasm, and a deep level desire to make a difference in the world in which we live. Peter is a deep and creative thinker, and stays ahead of new technology and industry trends. Peter delivers new and innovative products, and has the charm and appeal that helps him attract and engage talented staff and interesting clients. Peter is one to watch

Andrea Ihara  |  NAVEX Global